Every day on YouTube, people total around the world watch 1 billion hours of video. This is just a huge number, for example, for you to be able to see such a volume of information you need about 1200 lives, provided that you watch the video around the clock.

Now imagine how much time is spent watching ads? Yes, within one person, the total duration of the advertisement will not be impressive! But then again, if we add up all the views of the world, we get about 30 million hours of advertising per day.

Do you have your own YouTube channel? Want to promote it? The delivery of your YouTube videos is influenced by a large number of indicators that characterize user activity. These indicators include the number of likes that you can easily get. To do this, you can buy youtube likes with a lifetime warranty. In addition to likes, you can also buy views, subscribers, comments, shares both on YouTube and other social networks.

Therefore, in this we have put together the most effective ways to get rid of ads on YouTube.


If you watch YouTube only from a computer, then the easiest way to eliminate advertising from video will be to install a special extension for the browser. In addition, AdBlock “cleans” ads from not only YouTube pages, but also from any other sites that you visit through a browser. You can install this useful add-on on any popular browser, Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari and Edge.

Rewind video

In the event that YouTube is not a frequent visitor to your address bar, you only watch it occasionally, then you can simply turn off advertising like this:

  1. Open the video you need.
  2. Rewind the video right to the end so that you have to play for a few seconds and continue playing until the video ends.
  3. That’s it, the commercial in the video has turned off, or rather, YouTube thinks that he has already shown it to you.
  4. Now you can click on the “Repeat” button and watch the video without ads.

YouTube Vanced

These are apps for Android smartphones and tablets. It resembles the standard official YouTube client, but its difference is that an ad blocker is installed here.

In addition, the application allows you to watch videos in the background, there are special codecs that save traffic, there is a set of gesture control functions and much more.

Premium YouTube

For quite some time now, YouTube has a paid subscription system that provides a number of advantages, including disabling advertising. Yes, it is paid, but here are a few but:

  1. For 3 months you can use the subscription for educational purposes for free.
  2. After this period, you have the opportunity to issue a family subscription for 6 people. As a result, one person leaves 50 rubles a month.

What do you get as a result?

  • Disabling ads on the entire account, and it doesn’t matter which device you’re sitting on.
    access to premium content. The fact is that there are a lot of content on YouTube, access to which can only be obtained with a paid subscription. These are films, programs, series, etc. However, all this is in English so far.
  • premium also gives access to music. Now you have all the possibilities of the YouTube Music service open, where there will also be no advertising, and the tracks themselves (or even clips) can now be saved to your device and listen offline.
  • offline, you can watch and pre-saved video. Now you can save the video to your phone and watch it at any time, even without operator coverage.
  • Now you can watch the video in the background. That is, you can minimize the application or even turn off the screen of the smartphone, the video will continue to play and you can listen to it.